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 We provide you everything you need to keep you motivated and working towards your goals. 

As someone who was unable to make regular appointments to a physiotherapist, the Psyhio Ready app made treatment from home easier than I could have thought. I was able to keep up with exercises with notifications and videos, and track my pain levels. As my treatment progressed, the videos changed to accommodate. Being able to send messages to a physiotherapist and getting informed feedback was reassuring. I would definitely recommend the Physio Ready program to anyone, especially those unable to attend regular appointments to a physiotherapist due to distance or lack of funds.


The Challenge

Cost, availability and time. These are the biggest factors that stop people from receiving the care that they need and achieving their goals.

Cost: The average cost of rehabilitation is $500-600 on average!

Availability: We don’t all have the luxury of living down the road from a physiotherapy or rehabilitation provider that can help. For some, they are a flight away from receiving proper care!

Time: This is a non-renewable resource. With our busy lifestyles many can’t afford the time to spend heading in and out of appointments.

The Solution

This is why we created PhysioReady!

Cost: For 1/6 of the cost, you can achieve your goals!

Availability: You will have access to your program 24 hours, 7 days a week! All you need is access to your device of choice.

Time: We have the solution for you. Complete your program on your schedule!

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