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PhysioReady is an online platform that provides complete programs of care for your injuries all online that are expertly designed by Physiotherapists.

Why Now, What’s The Story?

PhysioReady was born out of a frustration, the pursuit of an altruistic goal: to provide amazing physiotherapy to everyone!

Mitchell Starkman, a Physiotherapist and the founder of PhysioReady was working at a high-end sports medicine clinic in the financial district in Toronto. Patients would come from all over the greater Toronto area for consultations with the health team. The problem was that once these patients had a diagnosis form one of our specialists, very few were actually able to follow-up in a clinic and complete their treatment plan. A diagnosis is useless without a treatment plan!

The majority of patients simply could not make it work time-wise, or could not afford the service.

A Message From Our Founder

Mitchell Starkman, Founder of PhysioReady and Physiotherapist. 

As a Physiotherapist, it was so frustrating. I knew that I could help these patients, but it simply wasn’t an option. The worst part of all is that many of the Sports Medicine physicians would urge patients to ‘just have one visit and the Physiotherapist can set you up’ – well we can’t.

For the majority of orthopedic conditions, a single visit simply will not do the trick. A phased program of progressive mobility, strength and motor control exercises are needed to truly resolve an injury, and most importantly keep it that way!”

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We never want you to be unsure, or second guess yourself!

We provide private Facebook groups for all of our programs so you can always have your individual questions answered. These groups are managed by real physiotherapists! Being sure of yourself when it comes to your body and rehab is important, we want to make sure it’s as easy and 1, 2, 3!

Education is in Our Blood

Every program has been created with the best educational practices in mind. We are constantly testing our methods, gaining feedback from our wonderful users and continuing to improve! We take into account educational best practices and ensure all of our users have a super easy feedback loop!

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