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Don’t let shoulder pain get you down! We’ve created the ultimate resource on everything you need to know about your shoulder! We review why it happens, and most importantly how to get started with fixing it!

What’s In The Guide?

We review everything from the anatomy and structure in the shoulder, to what may be causing the pain, to how to fix it!

Set Your Foundation

Build your understanding of the shoulder, how it works and why you may have pain.


We’ve created your guide in the perfect ebook format so it’s super easy to consume and learn all you need to know.

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Access your guide any and everywhere you are on any device!

Bonus Exercise Handouts

We’ve created a step by step handouts for our recommended exercises to give you all you need to get started on the road to recovery.

Live Video Demos

We don’t want to leave you guessing so we’ve included video-guided exercise demos!

Corrective Exercises

You’ll get a complete set of your corrective exercises to get your shoulder back.

How Does PhysioReady Work?

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The Right Fix

We’ve created this free guide for you, but if you need more than just the guide, we also have a premium program on shoulder impingment just for you!

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Our Shoulder Program

For those that need more professional help, we’ve got you covered! Our completely online shoulder impingement program is all you need to get your shoulder back!

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